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John's Upholstery Shop of Wisconsin, LLC is a family owned furniture upholstery business servicing both residential and commercial customers across Southeastern Wisconsin. It was founded by John Stahl Sr. and his wife Theresa, almost forty years ago in 1969, in Milwaukee, WI

John's Upholstery Shop of Wisconsin, LLC was built on the principles of using only quality products and materials as well as offering competitive prices which is evidenced in their workmanship still today. As a family owned business, many family members contributed to its growth and success over the years.

About twenty five years ago when their son, John Jr., was a young adult, his skill in the upholstery business earned him a full time job and eventually he took his father's place as owner of the company.

With an extremely high mechanical aptitude, John Jr. has a natural talent for the skilled trades. He is a self taught master upholsterer and woodworker, and truly, a "Jack-of-all trades". While he has many talents and the ability to design and create just about anything made of wood, plastic or metal, he has successfully built upon the business his father started by focusing on a few core products and services.

While John's Upholstery Shop of Wisconsin, LLC performs all types of upholstery, they specialize in the creation and repair of custom built, antique and unique furniture, which allows John Jr. to use his natural creative talents. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, John prides himself on building and repairing furniture with the highest quality an standards.

His business motto is:

" I want my customers to have the same quality product I would create for my family, and it's not done right until it meets those standards".

He also knows what it takes to provide convenient, personalized service to his customers.

Working the majority of his time with the commercial restaurant industry, one way John Jr. accommodates their business needs is by working off-hours when the restaurants are closed to reduce the need for them to function without seating, which results in better convenience to their customers and no loss of profits.

Over its history, John's Upholstery Shop of Wisconsin, LLC has provided high quality furniture to a variety of individuals and companies.

In fact, most Milwaukee-ans have likely sat in a booth or chair that they've upholstered!

To name a few satisfied customers:

The Chancery Family Pub Restaurants
Potawatomi Bingo and Casino
Famous Daves

In addition, John's work has been featured on the television "Bar Rescue" when they were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They have also provided charitable work to businesses servicing children including:

The Betty Brinn Children's Museum
Muskego High School
and local churches

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